Streetlife serenader

rey spadoni

“Streetlife Serenader”
Billy Joel

Streetlife serenader
Never sang on stages
Needs no orchestration
Melody comes easyMidnight masquerader
Shoppin’ center heroes
Child of Eisenhower
New world celebrator

Streetlife serenaders
Have such an understanding
How the words are spoken
How to make the motions

Streetlife serenaders
Have no obligations
Hold no grand illusions
Need no stimulation

Midnight masqueraders
Workin’ hard for wages
Need no vast arrangement
To do their harmonizing

In the contorted cobblestone passages of Sorrento, most lined with ristorantes, we sat alone in a checkerboard arrangement of tables and chairs, under red and white awnings.

He sang to us all night long as though we were an entire stadium audience, an adoring crowd of fans there just for him.  We clinked our glasses and toasted our serenader.

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1 Response to Streetlife serenader

  1. Rodney says:

    Love a good street performer! I bet they are amazing in Italy :0)

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