Cape Cod

Final part of a series…

DSC058252014-10-15LRX SRGB

The Cape is beautiful all year round, and as you can imagine, very busy in the peak season of summer.  The fall however, is quite another story.

DSC058372014-10-15LRX SRGB

If you search 2 Guys Photo for “Cape Cod”, you’ll find many images taken over the years by both Rey and I, showing the many “faces” of the Cape. 

DSC058432014-10-15LRX SRGB

Feeding the birds, Hyannis…

DSC059432014-10-17LRX SRGB

The Herring River…

DSC059542014-10-18LRX SRGB

For another view of this river, and an iconic Cape Cod image, please see this post.

That concludes this series on our recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.  As we start to gear up for winter and the gray days that it brings, our warm travel memories will see us through to spring, when we hope to hit the road again.

DSC057792014-10-13LRX SRGB

As mentioned previously, if you have some recent travel photos you’d like to share with your 2 Guys friends, send them along to, with some commentary.  Thanks for visiting.

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2 Responses to Cape Cod

  1. Ed,
    I have loved all of the photos of Cape Cod. I’ve never been so these posts were enjoyment for me. Hope all is well.

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