3 Days on Martha’s Vineyard: Edgartown

Part 2 of a series…

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To get an idea of what there was to see and do on the island, we took a 2.5 hour guided bus tour that covered all of the towns and major destinations.  During the high season, the tour stops for about 30 minutes at the lighthouse and clay cliffs of Aquinnah, (see tomorrow’s post), but in October, because Aquinnah is pretty quiet and the shops are closed, it stops in Edgartown instead.  We liked Edgartown so much, we came back the next day and spent several hours.

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Edgartown is on the east end of Martha’s Vineyard and it’s off season population is only 4,000 people. 

It’s gone into movie lore as the town where most of Steven Spielberg’s  1975 classic “Jaws” was filmed.

Once a major whaling community, Edgartown is home to some beautifully restored ship captain’s homes.  Walk Water Street towards the Edgartown Lighthouse to see some of these magnificent homes.


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At the end of Water street is the lighthouse, which welcomes ships into it’s protected harbor.

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Highly recommended for a pleasant lunch is “Among the Flowers” restaurant – we ate there twice.  The lobster bisque and tuna sandwich alone are worth the trip.

Tomorrow we’ll visit Aquinnah and tell you about getting around Martha’s Vineyard via the bus system.

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