3 Days on Martha’s Vineyard: Oak Bluffs

First in a 5 part series on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod…

DSC055242014-10-12LRX SRGB

Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs

Martha’s Vineyard is an island off the southern coast of Massachusetts.  It’s only 100 square miles in size, is accessible only by boat or plane, and is a haven for summer vacationers, celebrities and presidents of the United States.  The year-round population is only 16,500 but it balloons to over 100,000 in the summer.

Mrs. Ed and I spent three perfect days on the island recently. What follows today and over the next few days are some of the sights and a few recommendations, should you ever care to visit, (and I hope you do!).

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In the town of Oak Bluffs, Circuit Ave is where you’ll find all kinds of shops, restaurants, and small businesses.

DSC054942014-10-11LRX SRGB

And on the streets surrounding Circuit Ave, there are older homes, with some unique lawn decorations.

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Oak Bluffs has the largest marina on the island, and the ferries from Hyannis on Cape Cod come in several times daily.

DSC056162014-10-12LRX SRGB

This town was incorporated in 1880 as “Cottage City” because of the structures built by visiting Methodists who would visit for a few weeks every summer, to pray and listen to religious speakers.  After a few years, the tents were replaced by cottages, over 300 of which still exist today.

DSC055852014-10-12LRX SRGB

Ornate, colorful and over 100 years old, these cottages are still in use as summer homes and are frequently passed down to family members.

DSC055512014-10-12LRX SRGB

The busy season runs from May until about mid-October, and that’s when we visited.  It’s a great time to come to the island, as the crowds have dissipated, the weather is still nice, and if you’re a shopper, there are plenty of bargains.

DSC056492014-10-13LRX SRGB

Our hotel and base of operations during out trip was the Pequot Hotel in Oak Bluffs.  More of an inn than a hotel, it is quaint, comfortable and the staff are most helpful.  Watch for the home-made cookies every afternoon.  Amazing.

The view from appropriately named Seaview Ave.

DSC056302014-10-13LRX SRGB

Tomorrow: a visit to Edgartown on the Vineyard.

All photos Sony NEX 6, Lightroom 4


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3 Responses to 3 Days on Martha’s Vineyard: Oak Bluffs

  1. Rodney says:

    What a great stroll you took us on Ed. Never been to M.V., but now I want to go! Love the classic movie theater photo and of course the “ice cream” photo with the dog waiting at the door! But my favorites are the cottages. Simple, elegant, quaint, and the color and lighting was superb!

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