Rodney Daly’s Wisconsin Colors

Travelling photog and long time 2 Guy contributor Rodney Daly sent us these fall photos from his recent exploration of Wisconsin’s many country roads, taken with his Nikon D3100 shooting in manual mode.  He provided some “color commentary”…

Fall colors in Wisconsin

This photo was taken at the entrance of Cave on the Mounds, near Blue Mound State Park a little west of Mt. Horeb. I was amazed at these glorious beautiful trees full of color to greet me.

Nice use of negative space Rodney – all that blue nicely balances the reds and greens of the trees.

Wisconsin Hillside Farm-001

In this photo I am standing on top of a hillside near Mt. Horeb again. I didn’t know how many rolling hills there are in Wisconsin until this road trip. More than a few of them have farms on them as well, and lots of cornfields ON the rolling hillsides. Cornfields are an under appreciated beauty in my opinion.

Couldn’t agree more Rodney, these hills seem to go on forever.

Around the Bend-001

This photo was taken on Harvest Lane near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. I was fascinated with the rows of corn on top of a hillside. Fall colors were everywhere. I am fascinated by side roads and bends in the road where you don’t know what is around the bend. In this photo I tried to capture the beauty of the corn up front, with the hint of colors blurred in the back, along with “what is around that bend beyond the corn” feeling.

This is my favorite of the three Rodney.  I love the perspective and use of a narrow depth of field.  You really have me wondering what’s around that bend. 

I drove around so many side roads that day, taking turns to wherever it “felt” right, and I have  no idea exactly of where I was at any given time. You could say I got “lost” in the moments. I enjoy road trips like that, where I have no destination planned… the journey IS the destination if you will…

Well said Rodney – enjoy the journey, and thanks for sharing your discoveries with us.

A reminder to all of our readers, if you have a photo or two that you’d like to share, send them in to us at along with some commentary.  We can’t promise we’ll post every one but we’ll do our best.  And thanks for following 2 Guys Photo!

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