Melodie Oleson’s Canadian Autumn


2 Guys Photo follower and photographer Melodie Oleson sent us this beautiful autumn landscape in response to our standing invitation to all readers to send in their photos for posting on the blog.  Melodie  writes:

I’ve been following your blog for several years and it is always one of the highlights of my morning!  You are both an inspiration to photographers who can only hope to one day have your skills and artistry!

This was taken yesterday from the Canadian side of the Niagara River, looking toward the USA.  It was taken with a Canon EOS T3i and adjusted in iPhoto.  I’m from Florida and came to Niagara Falls with my best bud from college.  We’re celebrating fifty years of friendship.

Hope you enjoy it!  There are a couple of others that you might like but I certainly won’t inflict them on you unless you ask!  Thanks so much for your posts!    Melodie Oleson

Melodie, all we can say is “Wow”!  Beautiful colors, nicely composed, thank you for sharing your work with us.  Please do send us your other photos and we’ll be happy to showcase on 2 Guys.  Thanks for the kind words too! Safe travels Melodie!


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7 Responses to Melodie Oleson’s Canadian Autumn

  1. Rodney says:

    Stunning colors Melodie! And I am colorblind :0). Love the composition too. Thanks for sharing your photo with the rest of us 2guys followers. It is photographers like you that make this site so good!

  2. Ginger White says:

    I have been enjoying your photography for years (not quite 50) and love that you are being recognized here for the great photographer that you are!

  3. Hey Ed and Rey! What a treat to see Melodie’s photo here on your blog! Not only is it wonderful..I love her photography, but how cool that you honored her with posting it. She has some outstanding photos of Niagra Falls that I hope she will share with you, too. Funny twist to much as I have been following you guys over the years since the SmugMug Dailies..Melodie is my cousin!!! Small world stuff, eh? ~Hillary

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Small world indeed Hillary, and great to hear from you. Are you still on the Dailies? Would love to see what you’ve been shooting. Best, Ed

      • Hi Ed….
        I only posted about 2 photos in 2013 on the Dailies, then was quite diligent in 2014 until the end of June..I recently made the transition to the New SmugMug and I understand that it no longer connects to the Dailies. I haven’t posted to my daily gallery to test it, but keep thinking it would be good to get back to it. My main shooting has been concert performances of a band I love called The Mavericks.. I really like the challenge of the low lights, and it is very rewarding that I am in a few fan groups for The Mavericks and their lead singer Raul Malo on Facebook so I get a lot of opportunity to share my photos with people who know and love them. I did have a show of my Cuba photos May 2013 and that was an amazing experience. The majority of them are now on display throughout our Dental office so once again I’m happy to have a place to share them. Maybe I’ll post something to you, too, one of these days…
        All best to you both..wonderful blog and so great you have kept it up all these years!

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