Seven Oaks

lou nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

I was so impressed when I saw this image from 2 Guys Photo follower, Lou Nachman, that I asked him whether I could post it for all to see.  As some might say (this means you, Prentis), I’m drawn to visuals depicting walkways, paths, trajectories that lean inward, toward places unseen.  To discover.

Lou has perfectly captured the essence of this.  Beautiful light illuminating the way forward.  Could you possibly resist not walking down this boardwalk?

Lou tells us:

     This is downsized from RAW for e-mail and reduced to large again for e-mail this morning. Pentax K-01/ F-35-70/ @35mm, F8, 1/250, ISO 400 , manual, spot metering(though not WR, it’s a day hiking jewel.) Seven Oaks is one of newest trails in the Carolina Thread Trail system in the lower Piedmont region of North Carolina. The trail follows the coves, back waters, and edge of Lake Wylie through heavily canopied mixed hardwoods and one pine forest giving multiple areas of filtered or sharp rays of sunlight. We were on the return with a marsh on the right and a rolloff ditch and the light just dropped through the branches like a ’47 film noir standard. As for inspiration, light dropping into a curving pathway highlighting layers of black and green verticality seemed to be the hook. Included is the 8mb jpeg or if you want another format let me know. I’m also sending another Fall leave special from one of last year’s hikes which might be appropriate for this time of year [Editor’s note: look for this image in two days]. Thanks again for the images and text of the blog. I always enjoy the 6am delivery which allows a great start of the day.

Thank you, Lou!

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4 Responses to Seven Oaks

  1. Rodney says:

    Yes, I want to go walking there! Thanks for sharing. The lighting and shadows are wonderful. Great composition. The mystery of what is beyond the path is a bonus!

  2. Prentis says:

    Lou, very nice. Love the light. Nice to see shots from 2 Guys fans.
    Ah yes, Rey, the pathway into the distance shot. Might be some deep seated yearning, mental defect or something. Well, I must have it too. I love these shots.

  3. RMW says:

    I too enjoy photos and paintings with paths or roads leading somewhere unseen and mysterious… this certainly fits that category…. beautiful work!

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