A request for feedback


834 posts, including this one.

268,700 page views… including 37,144 for our all-time leading article (regarding the Olympus PENs).


Nearly 800 followers from all across the social media spectrum and from all around the world…

… all going back to January 14, 2011 and stemming from a chilly photo-walk in the woods (where else would we be?)

And here we are now some three and a half plus years later, standing at a crossroads.

To our great 2 Guys followers, Ed and I are trying to figure out where to go from here.  Keep on blogging?  Switch to one of the social platforms (500px, Google +, Facebook…)?  Reinvent 2 Guys into something else, something new?

We’d love your feedback.  Feel free to comment on this post so all can see your thoughts.

We appreciate it.

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9 Responses to A request for feedback

  1. Rodney says:

    First of all, great “path”ological photo! Love the lighting! As for what to do… hmmmm… I LOVE the blog and looking at the photos you guys take and explanations! Even if I don’t comment. Sadly, social media is where life is heading (Although I am NOT on any social media, and probably never will be. Not even FB). It depends on what YOU two want from your blog.. is it just a fun hobby. Do you want to be educators more… do you want invited to social events or be contacted by National Geo? I say continue with the blog, and then add the blog site/info to other medias if you wish. Like post it on FB for those who maybe don’t know about it yet. Put it on Twitter, but you would have to keep up with that! I just don’t understand Twitter personally. But, if you just want to keep ME happy :0), just do the blog. Ha Ha. Seriously though, decide what YOU TWO GUYS want from it and let that be your guiding compass! Cheers, Rodney

  2. Guys,
    Keep the blog…I certainly prefer this format over FB, Twitter, etc. Personally, I do not care for Facebook and consider it a colossal waste of time (but it could just be me). If you must pursue another social media outlet, may I suggest LinkedIn? Professional, serious, all business and a cut above (imho). Less clutter, no drivel…if you must. My two cents…

    Frank V.

  3. I must be Rodney’s twin for he stated precisely my thoughts and insights. I, too, am not on social media, except for blogging, but that doesn’t matter. As he also stated, you guys must figure out what you want. I know that is a rather simplistic directive which can become diificult to narrow down to a decision. I think it is considerate of you two for asking your audience what they would like to see occur next. Certainly, your followers must be heard and their voices considered. However, at the end of the day, it is what is on your hearts that should direct your path. Good luck!

  4. to my mind, social media is a totally different animal than blogging. Blogging is an outlet/platform for the author. Social media, with its egocentric design, is all about (pseudo) interaction with others and their responses. This can be time-consuming as well as inducing me to rip the hair from my scalp and beat my breast while wailing about how dumb some people can be. Since you asked, I enjoy the blog. It highlights a particular photo, with your insights. Followers can comment, or not, and you can respond, or not — but nothing feels as mandatory as it does on social media (especially FB). FB may get you a wider (and more crazily diverse) audience, but I think a blog is a more serious medium. In the end, it’s what interests YOU the most. Maybe you feel the need for more feedback and interaction that FB, etc can offer. Just let us know your decision; I, for one, will follow you. Lead on, McDuff!

  5. Prentis says:

    I’d start by reviewing your motto:
    “Thoughts and opinions, resources and experiences… for emerging photographers everywhere.”
    I am sure that you might be wondering if all of your efforts are worth the responses you may or may not get in any one day. Rest assured we enjoy the daily hit of photographic excellence and inspiration.
    I too don’t have any interest in the social media approach to communication. This blog is entirely different. But my sense is that you have strayed somewhat from your mantra, evidence the extraordinary response from the Olympus camera. I think it would help if your readers were more interactive, offering some of their own work for display and comment. You guys’ work is wonderful but it becomes a one sided conversation. I have been very grateful that you have featured some of my work and wish I could see more work of others in this community. (Hint, hint, readers.) It should be a conversation from all of your readers, not just a few of the usual suspects. (Hint, hint, readers.)
    I for one would sorely miss the daily email invitation to see what is new on the blog. But it is entirely on your shoulders and I thank you for your generous efforts. You do what you gotta do. I would be interested in your ideas for “reinventing 2 Guys into something else, something new.”
    Whatever you decide…it has been a great ride up to now. Thank Rey and Ed.

  6. Sherry says:

    I don’t believe I have ever commented on your blog, but I enjoy your postings. I have found that I enjoy reading blogs rather than visiting corresponding FB sites. I find that FB can get cluttered and difficult to follow. I vote for continuing the blog.

  7. garydenness says:

    I’ve been blogging for just over 11 years. And I find myself at this crossroad every now an then. I stroll stroll straight over it and keep on blogging.

    Which is what I hope you guys do! 🙂

  8. Lou Nachman says:

    As a middle school teacher for what seems like three centuries, I detest social media for what it has done to face to face communication. Now that that’s out of the way, I totally agree with the others on continuing the blog format. I’d like to suggest some enhancement of the image of the day both in size and resolution. The quality and substance of your text(s) are always relevant, concise, and thematic. The reader comments are a joy of civility. However, the right sidebar and B&H logo just seem to compress and compete with the featured image and the panoramic header as if the new image is fighting to escape the Word Press caged match format. The strengths of nuanced words and imagery need an open field as many of us who rarely comment still contemplate your dual expressions of inspiration throughout the day. Sometimes one has to walk through the cow pasture barefoot just for the experience…………Best wishes in the next journey!

  9. nutsfortreasure says:

    Social Media takes a lot of time out of ones day and you no longer have time to BE SOCIAL 🙂
    Tags will get many to your blog I am using all I can to sell a .50 cent card 🙂 Best of luck!

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