A farewell to the Smoky Mountains

rey spadoni

This marks the last of a few weeks of posting images from my recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Native Americans coined the name Smoky Mountains because of the almost constantly rising mist from the stacked mountain scenics.  A gaze upon the cascading terrain reveals layers of tones, separated by distance and shadows, with a smokey fog hovering throughout.

I used a post processing technique designed to emphasize, to exaggerate the tonalities and shadowy smoke seeping up through the gaps between.

I’ll recall my days there fondly and often…

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4 Responses to A farewell to the Smoky Mountains

  1. GM Rey,
    Love this image of the great Smoky Mountains…I had the privilege of driving thru the Smokies as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains last year on my drive to Chattanooga…what a sight! I was unable to take any images as I was under a deadline, but next time…

    I’m in Vegas the next weekend and I’m taking the Oly for some R&R. Should come back with some great images. Please let me know when you embark on your journey. Until then…take care.

    Frank V.

    • Rey says:

      Frank – hope the trip will take you out to Red Rock Valley and Valley of Fire State Park, but fairly nearby to Vegas. Some of my favorite photos spots for sure…


  2. Lou Nachman says:

    Enjoyed the images Rey. It’s always wonderful to see a different perspective of our part of the country.

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