old friend, but still

rey spadoniHe bounded and echoed through our standing

High energy, stretched youth… but he’ll settle down they said

I worsened to his being, an appeal lost to me

But he lingered toward, dropped his face to my lap

Requiring not even the occasional notice

He and I, grew older now…

But still

And I far reconsidered


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6 Responses to old friend, but still

  1. Rey,

    Good to see you posting again after your absence.

    Frank V.

  2. great shot! The b/w is a good choice. Also enjoy the text.

  3. Boy, can’t they just grab your heart and turn it into butter? Great shot and interesting quote. I, too, noticed you were MIA. Good to see a post again.

    • Rey says:

      Hey Michael… right you are though this one turned my heart into a rock… and then eventually… butter.


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