and then one day

rey spadoni

have you ever seen the kite lose its upwind flow

walked into the plate glass wall

hit the first big drop but stood still in motion

what you thought you knew all about

and then one day

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4 Responses to and then one day

  1. Rodney says:

    Fascinating photo Rey!! Is it a composition of 2 photos? If not, how did you do it?? It is also interesting to me because it looks like “swirling winds” and a friend of mine recently has been talking about her own swirling winds and she needs a change. Was it windy that day? And are those YOUR words in the poem? Cheers, Rodney

    • Rey says:

      Thanks, Rodney. I used onOne Software to add the spin/swirl to the top half of the image while keeping the bottom still. You got out of it what I was hoping our readers would. And yup, my sentiments, my words.



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