Sometimes the light

rey spadoni

I swore off trees.  Maybe even publicly, here.

I’ve taken and posted more pictures of trees than should be allowed, but I’ve always been drawn to them.  Their interplay with light, shadow, the amazing contrasts with autumn colors, fallen snow, plush greens.  Dynamic range dynamos these trees, no?

It’s the inner glow that gets to me…

But enough is enough I reasoned, so I’ll move on to other subjects.  I swear it.

But sometimes you’re out there, as on this day and porting a very nice Pentax K3 DSLR (2 Guys Photo followers are saying “DSLR… huh?”) and thinking… no trees, no trees, no trees.  But then the light does this.

Sometimes the light makes you take notice.  Makes you lift the camera to eye level and then you go ahead and do it.  Your head’s saying no, no, no… but all of the rest of you is saying the opposite.

You break the promise to yourself.

Another promise broken.  Again.  And again.

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4 Responses to Sometimes the light

  1. Thank you for breaking the promise to yourself; if not, I would not have been able to enjoy this beautiful scene with you. Sometimes one must break a promise for the good of others!

  2. Rodney says:

    You say you swore off trees. Well to me you are not taking a photo of the tree… you are taking a photo of the lighting. The tree just happens to be in the scene of that. So no promises broken as far as I can see!
    P.S. I too find myself drawn to trees. Whether it be the color or the bare branches that seem to go in a million directions producing a million different scenes and photo ops! No shame in that!

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