the pencil drawer predicament

rey spadoni

Mind you, we don’t actually use pencils.  Ever.

They are anachronistic, though perhaps we store them in the pencil drawer because of nostalgia.  Or a sense that somehow they are worth more than a mere toss.

Accumulation.  Without purpose.

To purge.


Image taken with a Panasonic TS5 point and shoot, all weather, throw it out of a moving car, digital camera.  It and its predecessor are the only digital cameras I never move on from.  Macro mode.  Intentional motion blur.  A touch of saturation boost and noise reduction and here you go…

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2 Responses to the pencil drawer predicament

  1. Rodney says:

    Great “painting” Rey!

  2. Also great that you revealed to us how you did it. Thank you!
    (I also have a cup of pencils, that are rarely used…)

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