rey spadoni

This image is all about street photography… not in London or Tokyo or New York City, but in small towns, on main street, near your back yard.  You game?

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6 Responses to MEN’S & BOY’S SUITS, TOO

  1. Love this style of photography! My favorite whether at home or traveling abroad. We are in Estonia now..I find it a bit of a challenge here, but it’s a passion to get ‘slice of life’ shots.

    • Rey says:

      Estonia? Wow… please share some images!

      • Hi Rey-
        Yes, we are in Estonia as part of a trip to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We have a car and it is the most awesome adventure! We’ve enjoyed different aspects of each country. Right now we are in Pärnu, Estonia….a fabulously charming beach side town. We return home on the 14th. I’m not sure how to share photos with you.
        Thanks for asking!
        PS: Are you guys on FB???

        • Rey says:

          Hillary –

          We are on FB but just not very dedicated to it. We’d love to share some photos of your adventure with our readers. Feel free to reach us at Sounds like quite a trip.



  2. Ed Spadoni says:

    Perfect juxtaposition Rey. Did you see the possibility and wait for it, or was it “right place, right time”?

    • Rey says:

      Typically, in a situation such as this, I’d find a great background and then wait. In this moment, however, I saw it as I walked by and simply shot. There are better subject possibilities and I had considered waiting there in that spot, but as it was mid-day on Main Street, I thought better of it.

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