Ah Tuscany…

Photo by Prentis Drew

Photo by Prentis Drew

Once again, we are fortunate to have the work of Prentis Drew grace the pages of 2 Guys Photo.  He and his wife just returned from an adventure in Italy… an adventure that included driving: “about 1800 KM in a very cool rental that held its own with the rest of the Italian race car drivers on the road (which includes about 90% of all drivers in Italy).  As a Bostonian you would have no problem dealing.  For us it was a huge adjustment.”

They stayed the majority of their trip in Montestigliano, which Prentis describes simply as “nothing short of amazing.”  Based on these images, we concur.

Photo by Prentis Drew

Photo by Prentis Drew

For more from this trip, see Prentis’ gallery here.

Photo by Prentis Drew

Photo by Prentis Drew

Part of their trip included Rome, so here is a great street scene from that city.

Photo by Prentis Drew

Photo by Prentis Drew

Finally, Prentis is quick to point out that all shots from the trip were taken with the single focal length (35mm equivalent) Fujifilm x100.  Readers of 2 Guys Photo know that one of the guys (most notably, Rey) is a big fan of this camera and its successor, the x100s.

Thanks for sharing with our readers, Prentis!

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2 Responses to Ah Tuscany…

  1. Rodney says:

    From the sea to rolling hills…. in Italy? Who knew? Great photos Prentis. Especially enjoyed the street scene photo. It is how I envision Italy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Prentis says:

    Thanks Rodney. The area really has a look and feel unlike anywhere else in the world. But the vistas are only surpassed by the friendly people and the great food!

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