Nico’s Pizzeria, 1:39PM

rey spadoni

He proceeded with purpose, filled with what his high school teacher described once as consolation, and he remembered that well.  It was all as opposed to desolation, which instructs the heart to decline, to avoid.

He bounded, though.

She said 1:30 and he was right on time, a minute or two early even.  Strange place, though.

She sat with her back against the counter, facing the door.

He bowed and they kissed, this time he on her cheek.  She mocked the gesture, only.  It seemed strange but he marked his sights, resolutely planted.

He began: “Are you going to order something?”

“No, I ate.  A while ago.”

Definitely a strange place, then.  Nico had an eye on the soap opera on the screen, another on them.

He began it.

The story.  The entire story, from the start.  He noticed that she absorbed every word, intently and without expression.  There was focus and distraction all at once.

Because he had planned it so well, he was able to describe the entirety of it in just ten minutes.  It was a glide path, well executed.  He was pleased.  It was so good to get this off his chest.  Consolation.

She looked over to the napkin dispenser, then back.

“I have been wanting to say that I am leaving here.  I won’t be back.”

The same focus and distraction remained in her eyes.  She twisted her frame through the passage of seat and table.  Without contact, she sailed.



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1 Response to Nico’s Pizzeria, 1:39PM

  1. Rodney says:

    You do have an eye for B&W photos Rey. Not a bad story either :0)

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