Happy Mothers Day

Well done Mom, you did a great job and we all turned out Ok!! Thanks for everything!

A crop from a mid-1960’s slide, downtown Boston; Dad’s on the other side of the camera, and that dashing young lad in the red blazer is our youngest brother Rob. We’re still trying to locate the guy behind Mom, to thank him for the photo-bomb.

Best wishes to all the Mom’s out there. Many thanks, 2 Guys Photo.

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1 Response to Happy Mothers Day

  1. Rodney says:

    Well done indeed Mrs. Spadoni! Great kids she turned out. I think the photo bomber is a celebrity? :0). Tommy Lee Jones perhaps? So, I am sorry but I have to ask… Who is the oldest? And how much older? Looks to be 10 years or so! Happy Mom’s Day to all the moms.

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