An outpouring of lesser constraints

rey spadoni

He caught her gleaming and altered glance, trying hard to look the part of a well cultured professional.  She thought she noticed something else there but suddenly dropped her position to the papers below.

He had all day.  He could have waited this one out.

She considered the alternatives and took the chance.  Tapping the top of her paper cup with french nails and then straightening the lean in her lips toward a smile, she met his wanting stare for a second, not more.  It was the subtle nod that followed.

His chest filled, something inside leapt.  It was the moment he would describe for the rest of his life.

Photo captured with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 and storyline contrived from the two he saw at an overcrowded coffee shoppe.

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4 Responses to An outpouring of lesser constraints

  1. Rey,

    Great shot. Something about those lampposts that seem to add an element of interest (I use them in a number of my shots as well). Have to revisit Olympus…

    Frank V.

  2. Prentis says:

    Rey, Ever try writing as an endeavor? That was a great little slice of life, well rendered. Really enjoyed it.
    The shot is no slouch either. Straight lines juxtaposed with random curves, punctuated with the lamp post create a wonderful tension.

    Well done.

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