Lukewarm and superficial


I’ve had these thoughts rumbling around in my mind, like gathering gray clouds.

I departed my first business trip of this new endeavor, headed toward my home, thinking about what I had just taken on.  My iPhone camera positioned.

I read the words: “lukewarm and superficial”… and I knew I had to assemble them together, somehow.

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3 Responses to Lukewarm and superficial

  1. Wow! That was surprising, in a very good way. Stunning, really, the way the words and pictures meshed just perfectly. Very nice indeed.

    • Rey says:

      Thank you, Thelma. I was experimenting… trying something a little different for the blog. Appreciate your comment.


  2. Ed Spadoni says:

    That was excellent Rey, nicely pulling together the visual, the poetic, the musical and spiritual elements. Congrats.

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