Walking along the cut line

rey spadoni

It’s no longer winter.  It’s definitely not spring.  We’re here… at the cut line.

I’ve been itching to get out, camera in hand, to shake out my feet and free up my soul.  The trappings of this in-between make me restless.  I stare out a window at the gray and covet color.

It’s been a long, slow winter here in the Northeast.  Those who once helped me shovel out after blizzards are on to other things now, so it’s just me and my snowblower.  And a couple of shovels leaning against the far wall in my garage.  We could still get socked by a storm, but I’m peering over the line, toward my memories of warmth and a saturated point of view.  So on Saturday, with low 50s reading on my weather app, I grabbed an X100s and headed out.

Here’s the outcome of my walk along the cut line.  We’re crossing over soon.

rey spadoni rey spadoni rey spadoni

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4 Responses to Walking along the cut line

  1. I know those feelings well, Rey. These images are stunning to say the least. I especially like the pathway photograph as I’m a sucker for these type of images which fire up the imagination as to what lies beyond the line of sight, all the while enjoying the view of what can be seen.

    • Rey says:

      Thank you, Michael. Interesting comment as I almost deleted that pathway photo from the post. I guess the “eye of the beholder” concept applies here.


  2. Rodney says:

    I agree with Michael LOVE the path photo. The right blur and focus I feel. Of course the first photo is just stunning! And gives the feeling of no longer winter but not yet spring. The cut line indeed. Kudos.

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