One subject, three views

There’s a 700 acre park in nearby Needham, Massachusetts, which is my go-to for an impromptu photo walk, due to it’s abundance of trails and ponds, a river, foliage and wildlife.  On Saturday, I had an hour to kill so headed out and walked the 2.5 mile trail around the main pond, shooting and enjoying a glimmer of spring.

Through the trees

#1  Through the Trees

Far to the east of the pond, is an interesting brick structure with a distinctive tower, which must have some sort of history, and sits nestled amongst the trees.  No matter where you are on the trail, you can’t miss this building, and it became a focal point in several of the images I made that day.


#2  Across the Pond

So I’m sharing three images with you, all featuring this red bricked grand damme, and would appreciate your feedback on which, if any, is the best captured scene.


#3  The bench

Your opinions are welcome.  BTW, these were all taken with the Sony NEX 6 coupled with a Nikon 35mm prime lens.  This may seem like an odd couple, but with an inexpensive lens adapter, it actually works quite well, allowing me to enjoy the sharpness and speed of this lens with my Sony.  I wrote about it here if you want more info.  I’ll be sharing more with this combo in the days to come.

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3 Responses to One subject, three views

  1. Rodney says:

    Hey Ed. The first photo is the one that jumps out at me the most. The tower is naturally “framed” by the tree limb and is the main focal point with the right line of view. The second photo does nothing for me personally. The last photo has nice lighting and is a quaint “scene” for sure. But you lose focus of the tower, which seems to want to be the focus. Maybe your premise has programmed me to “look” for the tower? The bench is a nice setting, but if you crop it some with the tower pulled in closer and still seeing the bench and ground, just less sky it might be more appealing to me? My humblest opinions of course :0)

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