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Photo by Lou Nachman

Photo by Lou Nachman

Last week (see here), I posted a piece about accentuating movement through the use of selective panning and slow shutter speeds.  It’s nothing new for sure, but is rather a solid and  often effective photo technique.  We’re posting here a few samples from 2 Guys Photo readers, including the above from Lou Nachman.  Lou tell us:

Here’s an example from the 1971 Daytona 24 Hours practice. The Austrian entry Martini and Rossi Porsche 917 was testing solo on the track and the 12 cylinder sound reverberating against the third and fourth turns will always be the closest thing to an F4 Phantom I’ve ever heard. Converted to 40mb Tif and dust removed in Lightroom 4.4  from original Kodachrome slide I took in 1971. One of my all time favorites and a moment I’ll never forget.

Here’s one from Frank Villafane, featuring one of the best “how I got the shot” stories yet!

Photo by Frank Villafane

Photo by Frank Villafane

According to Frank:

One was in Flagstaff, AZ back in 2012.  I wanted to get a moving shot of the BNSF train just off Route 66.  I was running to get a good pan of the engine, with the BNSF logo in sharp focus. While running, I stepped into a mound of carpenter ants…and got bitten (ouch@#$!).  Was it worth it? Well…yeah…

We agree, Frank… it was worth it!

Finally, Rodney Daly, sends us the following of children playing soccer in Brazil.

Photo by Rodney Daly

Photo by Rodney Daly

We like the effect of the child running, silhouetted against the dark blacktop.  Nice.

Lou, Frank and Rodney… thank you for sending in these shots!

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