the one-sided throw down

rey spadoni

It was a throw down moment, at least from one corner.  She was a thousand miles distant and within, he with weapon loaded, cocked.  So be it from the turret, whereupon he peered.  She only carried on.

As his finger stroked the trigger, it helped to know that the blame was his.  At least he deserved all this.  She not at all.

She received what she expected.  Not more.  And into her life she proceeded.

He felt the beads running down their laid tracks and falling into unknown.  Finger shakes.

He waits.

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3 Responses to the one-sided throw down

  1. Prentis says:

    Fascinating shot Rey. Tell us more how it came about.

    • Rey says:

      Prentis –

      The image doesn’t correspond to the accompanying narrative exactly but it reminded me of the sentiment when I saw it in my library. Thanksgiving Day in NYC (parade) in a cafe that was packed, over-packed with patrons. Unfortunately, the hustle-bustle and wall-to-wall nature of the setting didn’t bring out the best in everyone. One customer was shouting to get the attention of the waitress who seemed non-plussed by his loud and nearly derogatory remarks. She placed the order on the counter and as he slammed the money down, she smiled and walked away, leaving the money.

      As I watched this unfold, I readied my camera (Nikon D300s with either a Sigma 10-20 or Nikon 16-85 – my two workhorse lenses back then) and captured what was taking place as best I could. B&W conversion in Apple Aperture as it gave it a more moody, gritty feeling. I left the contrast intentionally down low, again for mood purposes.



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