And we remember

Martin Luther King Jr. Arrested.

Credit: Charles Moore/Black Star

Montgomery, 1958.  Martin Luther King is forced down upon the police station front desk as his wife looks on.  He was arrested for loitering at the Montgomery Courthouse.

Occasionally, there are those who change the world… and us.  Their words, actions, triumphs are noteworthy.  And we remember.

But most often, as they soar to those heights… they make personal sacrifices, as do their family members and friends.  They take risks and feel the full burden of resistance as they push us forward in new and better directions.  Their struggle, their pain, their suffering is to our gain.  And we remember.

And we are most grateful.

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1 Response to And we remember

  1. Injustice comes in many forms and prejudice is one of its ugliest. MLK wasn’t perfect, but he was a courageous man who continues to inspire. Most grateful, indeed.

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