The Innocent

rey spadoni


How does someone lose a library card?

He asked me and his eyes told me he was not joking

Which he does sometimes

And my wife answered first by telling him

That it could fall out of your wallet

And he said

But then what happens?

And my wife said that you would owe a lot of money

To the library

And his eyes told me he was considering this

And in my head I thought about the day I forgot my

Security pass at work and how frustrating it was

To keep asking to be buzzed into everywhere I wanted to go

And my jaw tightened as I thought about that place

And then my son dropped a small toy right at that moment

And I yelled at him to be more careful with his stuff

In my car and in the house too for that goddam matter

And his eyes told me that I had taken him away from

The gentle place his questions had taken him

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2 Responses to The Innocent

  1. Steven Tryon says:

    How fragile the moment and how easily it passes.

  2. nutsfortreasure says:


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