rey spadoni

Colby and I became acquainted on a warmer late Autumn mid-day.  Cathy and I walked while Colby sprinted.  A three year old golden, he stopped just long enough for this hurried capture.

I considered the considerable differences between this three year old retriever and our own 13 year lhasa, a house or more specifically, couch dog.  Our walks have these days consisted of a circuit down to the mailbox and then around to the side yard for business.  A few times per day.  An occasional ball toss across the kitchen floor.

Colby, however, left alone and to his own real or imagined stimuli, did bound about our path.  At times, he sprang forward a few hundred feet, running in loops, chasing… something, it seemed.

A lesson in youth and age.  Of our own boundless looping, followed by the routine circuits of necessity.  We progress.

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6 Responses to Colby

  1. Kara Stewart says:

    Made me smile. I love a Golden.

  2. David Patterson says:

    Handsome boy… my 15 month old Golden Retriever Oliver keeps me young!

  3. Ed Shields says:

    I wish I was young enough for a Golden, but our 12 year old Beagel is finally slowing down to my speed. Colby is a very handsome dog.

    • Kara Stewart says:

      Ed Shields – our Golden is now 7 and he has pretty much been a ‘rug’ all his life. He just lays around and looks like a rug. Even when he was a puppy, he’d play a little and then assume the rug pose. He will run after a ball for about 3 times and then he’s done. Very calm and not high energy in any sense of the word! I think it just depends on the breeding (litter characteristics) and the individual dog. 🙂

  4. Ed Shields says:

    Yeah but like kids they don’t come with a trial period. When the time comes I would seriously consider a middle aged rescue. Besides I’m in my early 70’s and it wouldn’t be fair to the dog if I got an energetic puppy.

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