North End

rey spadoni

Boston’s North End.  My grandparents, John and Marianna, were married there (in the very church depicted below) nearly  100 years ago.  My other grandparents, Basil and Erice, would have been had it not been for the mess made in the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.  Apparently, that wreaked a great deal of havoc (21 people were killed and several horses too) all around the city.

But on this particular hot summer night, we simply enjoyed the company of locals and tourists who reveled in the Feast of St. Joseph, cannoli (Mike’s has the best lobster claws, bar none), and the very spot where once hung one if by land and two if by sea.

If you find yourself in Boston…

rey spadoni rey spadoni

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7 Responses to North End

  1. Good Morning Rey…

    As it turns out…I will be heading to Boston during the Labor Day holiday and I will be contacting you offline to get some of the best spots to shoot the city. I will definitely check out the spots mentioned above (I love a good cannoli…and those in your photo look VERY appealing!). Maybe we can meet up one day during the week I’m in town…

    Frank V.

    • Rey says:

      Hey Frank – I look forward to seeing my city through your eyes and lens! I feel a 2 Guys Photo post coming on…


  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the North End not bad for a girl who has NO ITALIAN in her DNA 🙂
    Good FOOD and Great people is what makes this City so incredible. Yummy photos 🙂

    • Rey says:

      When it comes to our stomachs, everybody has a little Italian in their DNA!!!


      • nutsfortreasure says:

        So well said. I was a Freshman in HS and met a girl Nancy who’s Dad was a Cheif in Boston and also fro the North End. They took me this little Blonde Blue eyed girl from the other side of town to Saint Anthony Feast
        We attached money as it passed by and went from house to house to eat I think I became Italian that day 🙂


    Hi Rey, We loved the pictures and the story. Good job. Mom and Dad


    • Rey says:

      Well… that’s just about the nicest comment we’ve ever received here at 2 Guys Photo!


      P.S. Ed – how jealous are you???

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