3 by 1 by 3 by 1

3 Guys: Rey, Joey and Ed

1 Venue: Borderland State Park

3 Perspectives

1 Hour

Last Saturday, Rey, Joey and I managed to squeeze an hour-long photo walk into a busy afternoon. We wandered about the grounds, together and apart, with no particular agenda or objective.

As we were leaving, we agreed to each select some photos and combine them into this post, to see how similar, or divergent our perspectives were. Here are the results.

From Joey:

These shots are with my Fuji x100s and are in macro-mode. I wanted to capture the aspects of Borderland State Park that perhaps most people over look. I had other images that I liked but I selected these in particular because I think they best showcase my intentions for the day. In essence, I wanted to see if I could capture with my 35mm what most people capture with an 18-200mm. I think these pictures illustrate the general versatility of the x100s, and how the obvious constraint that accompanies the camera may in fact be a blessing in disguise. The mere fact that the lens is fixed forces the photographer to compose on a more intimate level and in this case, I believe that constraint helped focus me towards two worthy subjects.




From Rey:

This shot was one of my first images from that day. I tend to start wide and then work in closer with my camera and lenses when I’m shooting a new scene. Using a Fujifilm X-E1 and Fujifilm 14mm lens, I did something I rarely do – I used the in camera (black & white, red filter) processing to make the conversion from color. Fujis always do a nice job of this in my opinion. I corrected for vertical distortion (backward lean) in Lightroom 5 and used a gradient in the sky to darken it up a bit.


While Ed and Joey were shooting out to the side and back, I wandered over to the far end and found this obviously barely used back door path. I wondered if it was simply overgrown or whether a gardner’s artistic touch gave it this old world charm. By this point, I had mounted the Fujiflm 18-55 lens as I was appreciating the versatility of a zoom.


Stuck by the richness of the greens against the backdrop of an arid rock and dry dirt garden, I wandered by this inviting archway. Though I’ve never been there, I was transported to Jerusalem and imagined myself wandering along a path a few thousand years prior. Somehow, despite the green on earth tone appearance, a black and white conversion worked better for me. That’s probably because Jerusalem 2000 years ago seems like a black and white time.


From Ed:

Joey and I were hanging out together for a time, and this butterfly, shot with the Sony NEX 6, Sony 55-210 zoom and Sony VCL-DH 1758 tele-converter, is the same one Joey featured above. While its wings from the rear showed a beautiful blue on black pattern, it was the view from the side that revealed these oranges and yellows.


Although you can’t tell from the work of my esteemed colleagues, there actually were people at the park. After all, it’s a Saturday afternoon in July! What better place to while away the hours?


In fact, there were many people in the park, pursuing their own interests, whether it was the bridal party queuing up for the photographer, the children chasing merrily, or the couple headed to the free Shakespearian performance. There was in fact, something for everyone.


So there you have it – three guys, three perspectives.

What do you think – similar or unique? What would you have captured? Care to join us next time?

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7 Responses to 3 by 1 by 3 by 1

  1. Steven Tryon says:

    I was following a father-daughter pair on deviantArt a few years back. They would stop at some haunt in the Scottish highlands, stand next to each other, and take completely different photographs. Fascinating.

  2. Rodney says:

    Definitely different and unique, even the butterfly shot. All 3 of you presented fun and unique perspectives and oh how I wish i could join you next time! Someday perhaps? Not sure what I would have captured? Every day is different and I would have had to seen the setting to decide. I like Joey’s idea of trying to capture something that might be overlooked. Joey’s dragonfly photo is spectacular to me! he should get an award for it. Rey’s last photo reminds me of Jerusalem too. Nicely done. I loved Ed’s second photo. The shadowing/lighting brings you right into the intimate setting! Well done 3 Guys!

  3. RMW says:

    Interesting exercise and I hope you will do this again. Some great shots. But I have to say, Rey’s photo of the steps leading up to the door with the lush overgrowth really caught my attention. I could see that photo, at least 16 x 20, and maybe cropped without the top window, hanging in a gallery.

  4. Excellent article. Rosie (my fiance) and I frequently go out on sessions together, but we rarely come away with anything similar. Case in point: we were at the Exchange Plaza the other day in Jersey City (great place, btw…right across from Manhattan). We met a young boy and his father, both avid bird watchers. So I decided to take their photo, a classic posed portrait. While I had engaged them in conversation, Rosie took a very candid photo of an intimate father-son dialogue. Two VERY different perspectives…which do you prefer?

    My portrait (http://www.urbanindustrialimaging.com/p58435445/h66e994de#h66e994de)
    Candid (http://www.urbanindustrialimaging.com/p58435445/h65fc1976#h65fc1976)

    Anyway, loved Joey’s photos. Rey is (like myself) enamored with old architecture; whereas Ed, you like people and things. That’s what is great about photography…everyone has their own unique vision. Keep shooting!

    Frank V.
    Urban Industrial Imaging

  5. One more thing: Rosie loves to take photos surreptitiously (i.e. behind my back)…and an avid candid foto snapper. So I turned the tables on her:

    The Photographer’s Assistant – http://www.urbanindustrialimaging.com/p58435445/h613ee57f#h613ee57f

    Enjoy the Manhattan Skyline…

    Frank V.
    Urban Industrial Imaging

  6. nutsfortreasure says:

    Great post! 3 go in and all come out sharing the beauty of the day that was there to be seen! Bravo!

  7. when shooting with my regular buddy, I am always amazed at not only the different things we see, but also the different perspectives of the same things. Thank you for sharing your little adventure!

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