Scenes from a wedding

We had the pleasure of attending Meg and Ryan’s wedding on Friday night.  Preferring to travel “light”, I brought only a pocketable Canon point and shoot.  Here are a few photos from that blessed event.

The bride’s niece had the important duty of announcing her aunt’s arrival!

wedding, Meg, Ryan

Proud Dad escorts the bride.

wedding, Meg, Ryan

The venue for the ceremony was an open pavilion that overlooked rolling hills and the city skyline in the distance.  The bright background was an exposure challenge, but spot metering on the bride (and boosting the flash), allowed me to expose for the couple…

wedding, Meg, Ryan

… while also providing a wonderful opportunity for some nice near-silhouettes.

wedding, Meg, Ryan, silhouette

On to the reception!

wedding, Meg, Ryan

wedding, Meg, Ryan

Congratulations and Best Wishes Meghan and Ryan.  May you indeed live “Happily Ever After”!


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5 Responses to Scenes from a wedding

  1. Steven Tryon says:

    Lots of fun. I particularly liked the lighting on the third shot down with the bride and groom against the bright background.

  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    Neat photos!


    Hi Ed, We enjoyed the wedding pictures. Canon camera still working good. Have a great trip. Love, Mom and dad


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