Toyota Camry Hybrid

rey spadoni

I like cars.  Because I like driving.  That doesn’t mean I spend a lot on them, favoring ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ movers (VW Passat, Subaru Legacy) rather than actual wolf-type cars. What this means is that some autos are more than they seem.  They have sports car underpinnings and DNA but suburban, soccermom sensibilities.  Cool.

But a hybrid?  Seriously?  Underpowered.  Too earthycrunchy and that’s just not me.

The rental clerk suggested a Camry Hybrid “upgrade” at the counter in Christchurch, New Zealand and I figured what-the-heck.  Lots of driving ahead.  I’ll be driving on the “wrong” side of the road anyways, so… might as well save money on gas.

I loved it.  Plenty of giddy-up, nice even acceleration, good throttle response.  And having to hit a gas station only twice during our entire time driving around the South Island was a great bonus.

I know what’s in my future.

Image taken somewhere along the road down there.  Three shots merged together in Nik HDR Efex to boost the dynamic range, especially in the sky and clouds.

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3 Responses to Toyota Camry Hybrid

  1. Rey,

    Cars…who knew? Great shot. Nice HDR. Shot with the D600, I imagine.

    Frank V.

  2. Clanmother says:

    This morning, Vancouver gas pumps were at $1.51/litre. You’re right! The future awaits us…

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