The Birds!

birds, VCL-DH 1758, Sony, NEX

With apologies to Alfred Hitchcock, here are a few more images made with the 1.7x Sony VCL-DH1758 lens converter, on the Sony 55-210 zoom and the Sony NEX 6. See my earlier post of this week for more photos.

birds, VCL-DH 1758, Sony, NEX

Unfortunately, this lens converter is no longer manufactured but it shows up on eBay once in a while, and that’s where mine came from. A step up adapter is easily purchased from B&H Photo. The lens converter requires a 58mm mount, and the 55-210 has a 49mm front thread, so I bought a Tiffen 49 to 58mm adapter.

birds, VCL-DH 1758, Sony, NEX

The blackbird and blue jay shown here struggle to hold on to the collapsing perches of the birdfeeder, while the lightweight sparrows have no trouble. Who said life was fair?!

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2 Responses to The Birds!

  1. I don’t think Alfred would mind, as long as you took a cameo shot of him and fit it in one of your photographs!

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