Standing your ground, with wings

I was recently enjoying watching the birds on our backyard bird-feeder.  This particular feeder has 4 spring-loaded perches, which will only support the weight of small birds, causing larger birds such as robins and blackbirds to cause the perch to drop, and they have to struggle to hold on, usually unsuccessfully.  It also deters squirrels.

Sparrows, though small in stature, are vigorous in their defense of a good perch and free meal.  As you can see in this sequence, the small guy on the rightmost perch made it clear: he would not yield!

sparrows, birds, birdfeeder, VCL-DH1758sparrows, birds, birdfeeder, VCL-DH1758sparrows, birds, birdfeeder, VCL-DH1758sparrows, birds, birdfeeder, VCL-DH1758sparrows, birds, birdfeeder, VCL-DH1758

The intruder moved on to his own perch and there was peace, for a while.

These were taken with the Sony NEX 6, Sony 55-210 zoom, and my newest purchase, a Sony VCL DH-1758 lens converter.  This converter, made for various Sony point and shoot and video cameras, fits the NEX lenses with a step up adapter and provides a 1.7x increase without a loss of light.  With this much magnification, a tripod is recommended. Edited and cropped in Lightroom 4.  More on the VCL DH-1758 in posts to follow.


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9 Responses to Standing your ground, with wings

  1. Rodney says:

    Nice sequence shots Ed. You always have the fun toys :0). One day I will venture out more, til then I will live vicariously thru you.

  2. Clanmother says:

    Suspended in air!! Photography allows us to see stillness…

  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    Like my feeder full until the bear knocked it down yesterday 🙂

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Fortunately we don’t have bears, but the squirrels – now that’s another story. Thanks, Ed

      • nutsfortreasure says:

        I scatter seed and corn on ground close to the edge of feeding area so they and the doves and turkey can eat without those damn red tail hawks 🙂 in my yard they get along or GO 🙂

        • Ed Spadoni says:

          Same here, the birds drop what they don’t like and the doves, squirrels and chipmunks vacuum it up. I’ve also noticed cardinals hanging back and foraging on the ground. I didn’t realize they were that skittish.

          • nutsfortreasure says:

            When the bear broke their feeder the other day they started eating the seed I scattered thankfully will fix a old wooden one and try on pole again though this beer is about 500 lbs. Came home from CT at supper time to find all my sunflower seed heads we chewed off just before they would have opened right up beside the back door 😦

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