Pillars: Finding the Details

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We came across this impressive structure at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island.  The rain held off long enough for a stroll around the zoo and then picnic lunch.

The top image (taken, as are all, with my trusty Panasonic Lumix point and shoot compact) would be considered the “establishing shot”, the one which shows the full context and setting.  I backed up far enough and zoomed out wide enough to capture the full scene.  Also, as you can see a few people, the scale is set.

The following four images are an attempt to capture a bit more of the detail.

Various tweaks performed in Lightroom and in the top image, Nik Color Efex Pro (to pull a bit more detail out of the sky via use of their Graduated ND filter and then perform some selective edits).

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4 Responses to Pillars: Finding the Details

  1. Frank says:

    Great shot…impressive architecture. I like the ND effect from Nik’s (now Google’s) Color Efex Pro. I’ll have to look more closely at that plugin 😉

    Frank V.

  2. RMW says:

    I like that you posted the establishing shot so the viewer can relate to the details…

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