While waiting for the dentist today…

dental office, camera noir, black and white, B&W, woman, sitting, iphone 5

© 2013 Ed Spadoni

8:35. Ten minutes before my dental appointment, I scan some newsfeeds on my iPhone, spotting a post on a new black and white (only) photo app titled Camera Noir.

8:36. I read some positive reviews, and despite there being no wi-fi in the office and poor 4G coverage, I spend $2 and download the app.

8:38. Simple interface, few controls, touch to focus and expose, low-med-high brightness adjustments. Very clean looking.

8:40. Snap a few shots in the waiting room. Hmm, high contrast, nice tones.

8:43. Open Camera Noir image in (my favorite ios image editor), Snapseed to crop and sharpen slightly, save.

8:45. Called in for cleaning by the hygienist. Buzz, scrape, ouch.

9:40. Write this post.

Now. Publish!

I was impressed with the images and although it’s only been a quick spin, I do like what I see. And if you read some negative reviews on the App Store about it crashing, no such problems here.

An interesting thing to point out is that, subtracting time for the appointment, I discovered and downloaded the app, used it to take some photos, edited the photos, wrote this post and published it, all in about 20 minutes and all from my phone. Amazing.

If you try this app, let me know what you think. If you have some great black and white photos taken with your smartphone, share those too.  And don’t forget to floss!!


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13 Responses to While waiting for the dentist today…

  1. Steven Tryon says:

    You got a beautiful image out of the deal, a reminder 1) that the most important lens is the one behind the camera and 2) that the right camera for the job is the one you have with you.

  2. Great shot, Ed. I hope you didn’t take a direct hit from a purse! The app looks like a winner, too.

  3. Clanmother says:

    We live in an inter-connected world that is fast, faster and fastest. Zoom Zoom….
    BTW love the photo and the time countdown!

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Thanks Rebecca. I agree about the speed of life nowadays. It would be nice to slow it down once in a while though. Ed

      • Steven Tryon says:

        Ah, to slow down a bit. That is probably the number one reason I went back to shooting film wth completely manual cameras. It forces me to slow down and think about what I am doing, to be present in the moment.

  4. Good morning Ed…some wonderful information here in this post.
    #1 – Warms my heart that you are such a good dental patient that you get to your appointments early and you are prepared to wait patiently if you have to, since you have your phone to play with. #2 – Lucky you that your hygienist brings you back on time. (or were you disappointed to not have more time on your phone) #3 -Hmmm, that “ouch” was it reflective of your flossing frequency or your hygienist’s enthusiasm? #4 -As a hygienist starting my 40th year in the profession..thank you for your final comment, “And don’t forget to floss”..I appreciate the public service announcement! and…last but not least, #5 – The b&w pic is great. lovely contrast…love your choice of shot with the window light on her and when I remember my Apple ID I will buy the app, too! I definitely seem to take more iPhone pics than Canon pics on a day to day basis! Thanks for the efforts you and Rey make to keep your blog going and current. I always enjoy your posts! ~Hillary

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      LOL Hillary, we were well trained by our Mom, a DH who retired after 60 years in practice. Thanks for your comments and kind words. Let us know what you think of the app. (Passwords are such a pain, although a necessary evil). Thanks, Ed

  5. Gerrie Grimsley says:

    Great B&W indeed, and it truly does say a thousand words. The imagination can run wild on this one! I always wonder if most photographers carry a photo release with them at all times. Do you mind sharing how you handle the permissions angle? Not knowing the proper way to handle this often keeps me from feeling comfortable with people shots.

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      My experience, and everything I’ve read on the subject, is that you only need a release if you are going to use a photo commercially. In other words, if you plan to sell it or use it in an ad, brochure, etc, then you’d better get a release.

      The trick is knowing when you take it if that will happen someday in the future. Most photogs who take candids such as this or street photography do not get releases.

      Hope that helps. Thanks, Ed

  6. Gerrie Grimsley says:

    You can’t imagine how much that information helps! Thanks, Ed. I love taking pictures of people, but stopped because I was under the impression that I could never share these pics with anyone other than friends and family. I appreciate your quick response.

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