The Stare Revisited

rey spadonirey spadoniThank you for the helpful cropping suggestions on the image I posted last week (see here).  I’ve been playing around and ended up here.  Might actually prefer the color version this time.


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9 Responses to The Stare Revisited

  1. Hey Rey,

    Like the reflection, and the crop is perfect (if you’ll allow me to say). The B&W is dark, so yes, the color version is somewhat preferable (maybe lighten the B&W?).

    As to suggestions…everybody has their own preferences, and color, composition, texture, etc. are all SUBJECTIVE criteria – that is, subject to the viewer. So, I will not make any more suggestions…do what you feel is right for this image; it is, after all, YOUR image…it should reflect that “Rey Spadoni” touch.

    Some images are our immediate favorites…others, not so much. If this is an image that speaks to you, then tweak away my friend. Who are we to say otherwise?

    Frank V.

  2. Steven Tryon says:

    I shoot mostly black and white. In this case I prefer the color. You need the color for contrast and separation. The black and white feels flat to me. The jpeg artifacts are much more noticeable, too.

    • Rey says:

      You’re right about the artifacts. A function of the post processing plus significant crop. Less crop, less Nik Silver Efex Pro and less JPG would have helped for sure.


  3. Rodney says:

    Hey Rey. Interesting results. In the “cropping” from last week I would prefer the B&W. The new croppings I do prefer the color. I think last weeks photo is more from a distance and you can’t see the lady’s face, so B&W gives it a more “ominous” feeling. Closer up, seeing the lady’s face and her full reflection, the color works better for me. Plus the closer crop brings out more texture in the grass and rain drops and I think the color accentuates that better. Which is kinda unique, because usually B&W will show texture better from my experience. I agree, it is YOUR photo to do what you want with it, but I appreciate you playing with it so the rest of us can see different view points for learning purposes. The whole point of your blog I think :0). Have a great weekend.

  4. Lou Nachman says:

    Rey, since I tortured my students for decades with primitive b/w special effect films from the thirties to the sixties, I’ll go with the b/w. The rippled reflection dissolves that stare for a great science fiction effect. However the color is also appropriate, in a sense, for the painted water color touches fore and aft.

  5. John says:

    I think the color version is better… shows off the shirt, and captures the reflection much better… and, it makes the woman look less harsh.. good job!

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