Weekend Inspiration: An iPhone, a tree and 365 photos

This story caught my eye and really inspired me, so I thought I’d pass it along…

In Wisconsin, there is a lonely, old oak tree, that Mark Hirsch passed by daily without noticing. Until he bought an iPhone 5 and decided to see what it could do.

Mark Hirsch, That Tree

He proceeded to shoot a photo a day of that tree, with his iPhone, for an entire year. And no two of those photos look alike.

Mark Hirsch, That Tree

Now Mark is no newcomer to photography, in fact, he’s an accomplished professional. But imagine the challenge it must have been to look at the same subject everyday, and take away 365 different, and well-crafted, images. The words “discipline”, “creativity”, and “talent” come to mind.

Mark Hirsch, That Tree

Earlier this week, Rey shared his concept of the “12 Project” project… I think Mark’s efforts fit right in. You can see the fruits of Mark’s labor at his site dedicated to this project: ThatTree.net, and at his Facebook site.

What do you think? Could you photograph the same subject for a year? How about a month? What would your subject be? Are you game??

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8 Responses to Weekend Inspiration: An iPhone, a tree and 365 photos

  1. Wonderful and creative shots…and with a cell phone camera. Pretty amazing. Fun concept to photograph the same subject for a year. I take daily photos of the sky because it is ever-changing. I suspect that part of why every shot of this tree is different is due to the sky and tree and surroundings changing daily. Plus, a very creative photographer. Great stuff.

  2. Rodney says:

    Impressive. I don’t have that much patience or creativity. Bravo to Mark

  3. Rey says:

    I’m fascinated by this.

    The challenge and discipline requirements of a 365 day project is one thing, but to choose one subject is brilliant. I’m thinking about what I’d try this with…


  4. John says:

    Reblogged this on NoonTime Photography and commented:
    One Man. And iPhone. One Tree. 365 different photos of the tree. Simply amazing stuff.

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