The Stare

rey spadoniAs I walked through my favorite local park (a frequent subject for 2 Guys Photo posts), this woman stared at me and hardly looked away.  Uncomfortably, I kept looking in her direction, tried to make some type of connection (smiling usually works) and then feigned disinterest by ignoring her.  But each time I looked up, I noted that she kept her gaze locked right in on me.  So, as an act of defiance, perhaps, I stopped and took her photo.  So there.

The image below is the original.  The one selected above was obviously cropped and then converted in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

What do you think?

rey spadoni

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9 Responses to The Stare

  1. Lou Nachman says:

    Like it and would suggest drop the bottom crop to include the woman’s full reflection and the distortion of her head in the water (and her perception of you?)

  2. Rodney says:

    Definitely like the B&W cropped version better. Lou makes an interesting suggestion. I would be curious to know what a different crop looks like. Did you fool with that at all?

  3. Rey,

    It is a consensus…I also prefer the B&W, and Lou’s suggestion is correct – keep the full reflection. You might also crop the edges a bit to eliminate all that extra “space” to the left of the woman (these are just suggestions, mind you).

    As to the stare-down…usually, when I’m faced with a similar situation, I usually smile and wave, thus completely disarming the offender. If they stomp off with a sneer…pa’l carajo! (Translation purposely omitted)

    Frank V.

  4. John says:

    I think I’ll add my voice to the different crop chorus … I think her full reflection in the water might look good… though, I kind of like the color — the b&W is good, as it adds a sort of dark quality to the look she’s giving you… I know you were trying to crop out the cars… does it look bad to leave some in? Her head is almost at the top of the frame, which, is not bad… just curious.

    Fun photo though, even in the original version… especially as the color of her shirt picks up so well in the water….

    One of the things I like about photography is seeing how different people would process the same image…. I bet there’s a good 15-20 ways to work this photo… (probably more, though, I concede that not all workings would make it better….) Still, it’s just interesting how different people see different things in the image….

  5. Rey says:

    Good thoughts. Thank you, John.

    I’ve recieved a lot of good suggestions here and am contemplating a follow-up post next week showing some of the alternative crops and processing.


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