Eamonn’s Walk with Dad

We first introduced you to Eamonn when he submitted a photo for our Black and White theme a few months ago, and told you about his budding interest in photography.  Well, he has been busy since then, and recently sent me these two photos, which he took on a walk with his Dad and his Sony DSC-WX100.

Eamonn, Galway, Cregg Woods, woods, sunset

“This is Cregg Woods, Oranmore, Galway.  Dad and I decided to go out for a walk when we saw the beautiful sunset.  It came out Ok but I used PS6 to add a warming filter and slightly adjusted the brightness.”

Eamonn, Galway, Quarry Road, pier, sunset

“This is a local pier, off of Quarry Road in Galway.  I added contrast and slightly increased the darks, and boosted the color.  Dad has also gotten into photography as well but he’s still learning the basics, (ha ha!).”

I think you can see why I asked Eamonn if we could share his latest images.  When Rey and I launched 2 Guys Photo, we targeted “emerging photographers everywhere”.  Eamonn epitomizes that target audience: thanks Eamonn, and enjoy those walks with your Dad!


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4 Responses to Eamonn’s Walk with Dad

  1. Howard says:

    Beautiful shots, Eamonn, excellent composition, great work! Thanks for sharing, Ed…

  2. Rodney says:

    Walks with your dad is the best. And when you get beautiful photography with it, all the better. Well done Eamonn. I especially like the second photo, makes me want to go fishing with my dad. Enjoy those moments.

  3. I concure that the photos are wonderful and the story-line beautiful. Nice work alll the way around.

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