Singing Pansies

Photo by Louis Nachman

Photo by Louis Nachman

Louis Nachman sent us this beauty.  Lou, a self described “brainwashed Pentaxian since 1971” (in other words, my kind of guy as it was just a few years after that when I acquired my beloved Pentax K1000) shot this image of his neighbor’s pansies with a Pentax K-01 (can be had for cheap cheap at B&H – see here).

Lou also referred to a scene in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland in which I was not familiar… strange as I possess a way above average knowledge of the Disney animated musicals.  Lou came to the rescue and provided the following clip (thus naming this post in the process):

Thanks, Lou!

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4 Responses to Singing Pansies

  1. Clanmother says:

    This is my favourite part of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland!”
    Your photo has such vivid colors. I find that when I take photos of purple, I don’t seem to get the exact hue…

    • Lou Nachman says:

      Hi Clanmother,
      This image was just a test of a Sigma 50-150 EX II lens on the Pentax K-01 for some other K-01 owners. The sun was straight above the flowers hence the great lighting.I’d call it luck in timing, a great lens, and nature in its splendor. Large bushes on either side would have prevented the intensity of light that filtered through earlier or later It was also shot in RAW, allowing more flexibility in pp.

  2. Rodney says:

    I agree the lighting was perfect! I can hear them singing now. Well done Lou

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