Farewell to theme

rey spadoni

It’s true.  When you have a theme in mind, it’s what you tend to see.  Such was the case for me during April as I sought to post some “Entrances and Exits” all month.  A great big thank you to all of our followers who helped in this endeavor by sending in such worthy contributions.  Ed and I hope you’ve enjoyed this theme as much as we have.

As always, thanks for following 2 Guys Photo.  Look forward to future themes and some surprises here on the blog as we try out some new ideas.  And if you have any suggestions or would be interested in penning a guest post, don’t hesitate to contact us at 2guysphoto@gmail.com


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5 Responses to Farewell to theme

  1. Rey, this is a wonderful photograph and concludes a unique endeavor. I recall the first post of a child just born, and now this B & W / Sepia of a room with multiple doors to places unknown. Kudos to you and Ed.

  2. Ed Shields says:

    Thank you guys for sponsoring it. Even though I did not participate by sending in any images, I participated by anxiously waiting to see the next submission. Tks again.

  3. Clanmother says:

    It was a month to remember!!

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