“Many Questions” by Gottfried Scheel-Haefele

Photo by Gottfried Scheel-Haefele


German 2 Guys Photo follower Gottfried Scheel-Haefele sent us this intriguing and mysterious photo.  He describes it merely as: “… full of mysteries.” and “Many questions and no answer.”  I must confess that when I first saw it, I quickly looked away.  It didn’t grab my attention.  But as I pondered it upon another glance… and the strange markings to the left of the doorway, the scattered litter on the steps, the eerie neon lighting, the grid inspired shadows which cross the scene and the fact that the door itself is uninviting (is it stone? a plastic tarp covering a normal door?…) … all made me linger upon it.  And that’s usually a photographic recipe for success.  Thank you, Gottfried!

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1 Response to “Many Questions” by Gottfried Scheel-Haefele

  1. Clanmother says:

    I love mysteries….

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