“The Italian Doorway” by Prentis Drew

prentis drew

Photo by Prentis Drew

According to Prentis Drew: “The Italian doorway is in the small Tuscan village of San Gimignano.  It is one of a number of doorways that I shot as a study in Italian doorways.  They all can be seen here: A-Study-in-Doorways-San Gimignano .  This one was shot with a D70, 18mm, f/4.5, 1/160 sec.”

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8 Responses to “The Italian Doorway” by Prentis Drew

  1. Rodney says:

    You make me want to go to Italy, just for the doorways! Nice series of shots on your site. This is my favorite, so I am glad you picked it. The textures and colors are fantastic!

  2. Unique doors are definitely fun to discover and shoot. This one fits that description. It has great textures, interesting perspective and pleasing colors. As with all doors, I wonder how many people, with whatever they bring or take with them, have walked through this door.

  3. Drew,

    An excellent treatise of an otherwise mundane subject…excelsior! I greatly enjoy the series…

    Frank V.

  4. Mark James says:

    Very nice. We are planing a 3 week trip to Italy next year and I really hope to capture some interesting non-traditional stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for posting this Ed and Rey. The images from Italy, especially Tuscany, bring back lots of memories.

    Prentis – I checked out your smugmug site, lots of great stuff there. I especially enjoyed the gallery from your round-the-world trip in 1956.

  6. Prentis says:

    I appreciate your kind remarks. Travel is wonderful time to practice our photographic skills with all those interesting sights to explore. We need to be mindful, however, that it isn’t the first and foremost reason to travel. But it is still a lot of fun.

    If you are interested in my round-the-world shots you should look up the article Ed and Rey did on just that subject:

  7. Barry S says:

    You’re still the man ! See you upstairs at the Eldorado Ballroom.

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