The guardian at the gate

The guardian at the door, cat, door, city, iPhone

A (not-so) welcome mat at the entrance to this gritty city home.  iPhone 4.

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7 Responses to The guardian at the gate

  1. People do the best they can. I like the wreath on top of the reflections and the cat sure seems happy . Your HDR (?) effect is compelling

  2. DGuidas says:

    The processing works well for this type of image. Like it!

  3. In the larger size, it almost looks like a painting. Very nice capture.

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Thanks Thelma. This was taken with an iPhone and the effects were applied with an app called Dynamic Light, which can give a painterly look and feel. Thanks, Ed.

  4. SwittersB says:

    Wonderful contrasts.

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