The Coffee Perch DOVE Benefit is Live!

rey spadoni

I posted last week that I was donating the proceeds of a coffee shop gallery showing to DOVE, a domestic violence agency in Massachusetts.  I’m happy to say that the benefit is now live.

DOVE’s mission is as follows: “DOVE is committed to partnering with diverse communities, families, and individuals impacted by domestic violence.  We promote hope, healing, safety, and social change by providing a broad range of preventive and responsive services.”

DOVE provides crisis intervention, safety assessment and planning, supportive counseling, emergency shelter, legal advocacy, and community services for adults and children who have been abused, emotionally and financially, as well as physically and sexually.

I’ve seen the lives of those who confront profound and devastating challenges, those who live in fear and without hope… transformed by the compassionate and fearless staff of DOVE.

And so, that’s why I’m doing this…

I’ve made available prints and gallery wraps for a specific gallery at very reasonable prices for this purpose.  100% of all proceeds from the sale of these images will benefit DOVE during the entire month of April (2013).

To see the gallery, click here.

Thank you!


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4 Responses to The Coffee Perch DOVE Benefit is Live!

  1. Rodney says:

    What a colorful entrance Rey. And nice texture also! Great cause too! Keep me posted on how your gallery is received. I hope it raises a lot of money for the cause!

  2. mikeronesia says:

    Great gesture and 15 is my favorite of a fantastic group.

  3. Rey says:

    Rodney, Mikeronesia – thank you both for your comments!


  4. Karrie says:

    Great assortment of images, like the capture of multiple seasons always great when we can help out great causes or organizations…

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