White. Out.

Snow, winter, ice, pond, white out

This photo is the result of quite a bit of manipulation, as I endeavored to create a scene from my mind’s eye, out of the scene that I was standing in the raw, cold drizzle looking at.

I recently stood on the shore of Quarter Mile Pond, on the most uninviting of March mornings, peering through naked branches at nothing but grey.  I could have EV’d this up to brighten the snow and sky, but this is pretty much what it really looked like.

Snow, winter, ice, pond, white out

However, what I had in mind was an uninterrupted wash of white from the near icy pond to the distant shore and up into the sky.  More white than anything else, with no way to distinguish between any of the elements of the scene but the snow and the trees.  That’s what I wanted.  So I went to work.

First in Lightroom 4, I cropped the image and upped the exposure, getting that white out condition I had imagined, at which point I was looking at this…

Snow, winter, ice, pond, white out

Better, but all of those branches in the foreground and sky were a major distraction, and interrupted the “flow” I was trying to achieve.  So, I opened the image in Corel PSP X4 to clone out the mischievous twigs, then back to Lightroom for some finishing touches.  I played with a B&W conversion but there’s so little color in the scene to begin with, I left it as is, hoping that the viewer will catch a glimpse of that smidge of color while being drawn into the whiteout.

Snow, winter, ice, pond, white out

And that’s the finished product.  So what do you think – was it worth the effort?  Are you getting a chill?

By the way, this was taken with a Canon point and shoot that’s usually bouncing around in the bottom of my briefcase (I was on the way to work!).


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8 Responses to White. Out.

  1. Prentis says:

    It works for me. I like the framing. I have always liked fog in a shot to give depth. Snow seems just as effective.

    Reality ain’t what it used to be. We certainly are fortunate to have all those tools to fix problems with shots. The masters of yore had dodging and burning at their disposal and that was about it. It makes me appreciate those classic photos even more.

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      You’re right Prentis — Just like television, photography is becoming the last place you can go to for reality. We have the technology, and we use it. But at that point, it’s art. Thanks for the comment. Ed

  2. mikeronesia says:

    Nicely done, thanks for sharing the work flow. Final product is very pleasing.

  3. Clanmother says:

    Amazing what you can do…a wonderful outcome.

  4. LizzieJoy says:

    A great result from Lightroom. It just shows what can be done with it. I have to say, I do like the original image too, although the finished product has a more atmospheric feel to it. It’s just great to experiment, isn’t it? I find that some things work and some other things I’m not so sure about, but I really enjoy the process. Blessings.

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