“A Photographer’s Sky”

A Photographer's Sky

Rey and I went for an impromptu photo walk on Saturday morning, looking for Entrances and Exits, and ended up at this active train station with its vintage structures. It was very bright, typical for a late March day in New England, but very cold and windy, somewhat atypical for this time of year.

As we viewed this old station from a distance, Rey said, “This really is a photographer’s sky”, and Bam!, I had today’s post. Thanks Rey.

Sony NEX 6, 16mm focal length, using Lightroom 4 to balance the lights and darks a bit in this very high contrast scene.

And don’t forget to send us your submissions for April’s theme: Entrances and Exits. Please see our previous post for more information. And thanks for visiting 2 Guys Photo.

One last note: this post represents our 500th here at 2 Guys Photo. I know I speak for Rey when I say I wouldn’t have believed that we’d ever have that much to say, but it’s certainly been fun. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed along the way, and we look forward to our next 500!


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10 Responses to “A Photographer’s Sky”

  1. Ed,

    Great post. And yes, it REALLY is a photographer’s sky. When I was in Flagstaff, AZ, at the train station, it was also a photographer’s sky. I never forgot that day, and I captured the image of a passing freight train (BNSF)…


    Frank V.

  2. Rodney says:

    Ah, blue skies and puffy white clouds… doesn’t get much better. I look forward to the next 500 as well Ed.

  3. Mark James says:

    Congrats on 500. I know life throws a lot of stuff at us and finding the time to keep this up is probably not always easy. Your work is enjoyed and appreciated so keep at it as long as you can.

  4. Ed,

    Finally got around to reading the quotes from yesterday. Excellent!

    I often find myself wishing I could simply stop what I’m doing (usually commuting to work) and take the images my mind sees on the way to work. I have missed many beautiful scenes simply because I was too rushed to take the 5 minutes to snap the shot.

    O, for the day when I don’t have to rush anywhere, and can take all the time in the world to capture the images I always wanted to capture!

    The photographer’s dilemma – so many images, so little time…!

    Congratulations on your quincentenary…hoping for many more.

    Frank V.

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Thanks Frank. If I were able to stop and capture every amazing image I pass while commuting, I’d have a stack of coffee table books to show you. But alas, stopping on the interstate and in downtown rush hour is frowned upon!

      Quincentenary? Now that sounds historic! Thanks Frank, Ed

  5. Aaa..the ole time train stations…always makes my heart beat a little faster!

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