“Hungry for Colour” by Elisabeth Liddell

Greetings again from Scotland!

Elisabeth Liddell, roses, yellow, Sony NEX 6

Monday I went to the supermarket, and by the door was a large bucket filled with bunches of flowers. I found myself drawn back to them as I was shopping – and then I realised … I am hungry for colour! The winter has been a time of black and white, snow and stark skeletons of trees – and now world is at its most drab, all muddy greens and browns. Spring has not yet arrived. So I chose a bunch of the yellowest roses I could find, and hurried back to start taking photos. And I haven’t stopped since! The colour hints at the crocuses and daffodils yet to bloom. It is the best UKP2 I’ve spent! And I haven’t stopped snapping since (thank heavens for digital – processing them all would cost a fortune!)
I think for me March will be ‘Hungry for Colour’ month ;o)

I used a soft lilac backdrop and bunched all the roses together for the first shot (above).
Sony NEX 6 with the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 lens . F/4.5 ISO 400

Elisabeth Liddell, roses, yellow, Sony RX100

Then I went for tight close ups of the intricate petals and intense colours of a single flower.
Sony RX100 F/ 1.8 ISO 160 Shutter speed 1/30sec

Finally I tried to capture a single rose reflected in a glass surface, to emphasize the contrast.
Sony NEX 6 using the 55-210mm Telephoto Lens F/5.0 ISO 3200

Elisabeth Liddell, roses, yellow, Sony NEX 6

Cheers, Elisabeth Liddell

Thanks Elisabeth. I’m sure we all appreciate your beautiful splash of color after the grayness of winter. It’s a welcome reminder of what’s to come!


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7 Responses to “Hungry for Colour” by Elisabeth Liddell

  1. Rodney says:

    Well done Elisabeth. Nice macro shots. The first photo is definitely vibrant and full of colour! The last photo is classic. Love the reflection shot. I hope to make it to Scotland someday to see all the colour.

  2. Hi Rodney, Many thanks for the kind comments! It really does raise the spirits to photograph such lovely colours. I thoroughly enjoyed the days I spent doing it! At the moment we are back to snow storms and ice … so I continue to yearn for the bright new colours of Spring. I think I’ll be back to the supermarket in search of more vibrant colours as soon as I can escape the snow ;o)
    Scotland is indeed truly beautiful, especially when the sun shines! I think you will enjoy visiting us. And I hope that you can indeed make the trip!

  3. biomade55 says:

    Rodney – I am a friend of Elisa’s so let me tell you, Scotland can be fantastic but make sure you are there the ONE DAY it is nice. When is that you ask? Oh, Somewhere between the snow and rain ending in the late spring and the snow and rain starting again in the early fall.


  4. Ed Shields says:

    iLife them all but the reflection shot is my favorite. Very creative, I’ll have to try that.


  5. Ed Shields says:

    That was. Supposed to “I like them” silly auto correction

  6. Hi Ed, i guess that’s an iPad you’re sending from? I get caught out all the time with Apple auto-correct ;o)
    Thanks for the comments. The reflection shot was a real head-scratcher. Trying to get BOTH the flower and the reflection in focus was the problem. I don’t know if anyone has a sure fire answer to it – but I discarded lots of shots before I tried the telephoto lens. I’ve no idea why it worked, but it did! ;o)

  7. Rodney says:

    Biomade… thanks for the tip. I will do my best to get there on the perfect day of the year! But I actually love a good rain, so everyday may be good for me there.

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