The mystery that music conceals

rey spadoni

“Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals.” – Charles Baudelaire

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3 Responses to The mystery that music conceals

  1. Rodney says:

    Hey Rey… for someone who doesn’t do portrait photos, this is an exceptional one I think. The lighting on the young mans face is perfect, shows his expression of joy thru the camera. The slight blurring of the lady he is dancing with adds “motion”. The backdrop a little out of focus and black and white is wonderful. Did you do that post photo, or was that the way the shot turned out? Interesting! Well done. Keep fooling around with portrait shots, and you can be doing weddings soon?! I too am more of a landscape photographer, so people shots fascinate me. I wish I was better, but I keep trying. And I love the quote, even though I prefer music to dance :0). Mostly cause I can’t dance, but I can sing a little.

    • Rey says:

      Thanks, Rodney!

      There’s a good bit of post processing there. The b&w in the background, some vignetting, selective brightening, etc. I was shooting with a mirrorless which wasn’t exactly the best tool for that job (that could be a post at some point), so I had a lot of work to do to conceal the photographic “blemishes”.

      I’m hoping to put up more people photography this year.



  2. Love the joy on his face, great selective coloring

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