“By a window” by Prentis Drew

Photo by Prentis Drew

Prentis Drew, 2 Guys Photo Featured Photographer, sent us this image.   According to Prentis: “The ladles hang in our kitchen by a window with venetian blinds.  At a certain time of year the sun hits them just so.  I just love the lines it creates.  Hope you like it too.”

In short, we do.

Prentis also tell us: “I don’t do much B&W at all but these ladles demanded conversion to B&W.  Why?  Because the shot had almost no color in it to begin with.  To my eye it jumped off the page.  When the subject isn’t defined by color, that is when B&W becomes a powerful photographic medium.”

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5 Responses to “By a window” by Prentis Drew

  1. Prentis,

    Excellent image. Lines, shadow, reflections…it has it all. Great job!

    Frank V.

  2. Rodney says:

    Well said Prentis. I can’t imagine this photo with any color, which makes it the perfect black and white! Thanks for sharing. I will keep my eyes more open for no color shots.

  3. Clanmother says:

    Excellent! Another confirmation that a kitchen is a place for artistic endeavor.

  4. Prentis says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments . I may be experimenting with black and white a bit more, based on this experience.

  5. Bille Jean says:

    Fantastic! Lines and Curves and shadows OH MY! Terrific work on this.

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