“At the Corner” by Frank Villafane

Photo by Frank Villafane

2 Guys Photo Featured Photographer, Frank Villafane, sent us this gem.  According to Frank: “This was a handheld shot I took when we left Commerce Place at 1 South Street.”

Editor’s note: Handheld?  Seriously?


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7 Responses to “At the Corner” by Frank Villafane

  1. OK…some notes on this shot: (Camera was Nikon D600 – full frame)

    First of all, it was evening, so I needed to use a high ISO, 1600 in this case. This is necessary to get a fast enough shutter speed (1/3s) so the image doesn’t appear blurry due to shake. No movement in the frame, so 1/3s was fast enough. D600 can shoot safely up to about 2500 without any noticeable noise (3200 with some judicious NR).

    Second, I used a wide open aperture (f/4.0) to get the maximum amount of light to hit the sensor (DOF wasn’t that important here).

    Finally, I leaned against the building across the street (1 South St) to steady the shot. I wanted to get the entire building in the frame, so I used the lens at the widest focal length (24mm) and tilted the camera up and took a vertical shot (yes, VERTICAL).

    Now I ALWAYS take a few shots of a scene, so I had a few to work with. I picked the best, a little clean-up and noise reduction in post and…voila! Converted to B&W using my favorite tool, Silver Efex Pro 2. When I finished it up, I liked this shot more than some of the ones I got on the 30th floor at Commerce Place with a tripod…go figure.

    Frank V.

  2. A seriouly NICE photo, well done.

  3. Rodney says:

    Excellent photo Frank. Thanks for the notes. I like how you leaned against a building to steady yourself. Great tip.

  4. RMW says:

    Beautiful shot of a lovely 1920s (?… I am in Los Angeles so that is my time period reference) Beaux Artes building… what city is this? After quite a bit of detective work (Googling) I settled for Baltimore… am I close?

    • Good Guess! It is indeed Baltimore, downtown Inner Harbor. I was attracted to the period architecture, which is why I shot the building in the first place. Spent a year in Miami and witnessed first-hand the Art Deco architecture in South Beach…unfortunately, I wasn’t much of a photographer then.

      Frank V.

      • RMW says:

        I will be in Miami for a few days…. I love shooting architecture but I’m only at snapshot level… we’ll see what happens!! Thanks for the reply!

  5. Bille Jean says:

    Wonderful work on this Art. In addition to the fantastic architecture I love the mauve tones against the gray and all the pattern repetition is so beautiful. Must have been a late night…only one car! How lucky is that!

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